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Money Reflections

For a lot of my clients, a shortage of money is a major roadblock. When I just started with my coaching practice, I was sure that  a shortage of money had to do with a shortage of self worth. It’s inherent in the word worth! I know now that you can’t generalise it that way, as you really have to hear and feel the whole story of the client to find the pure reflection. Yes, a lot of the times it does have to do with a shortage of something and mostly that’s self worth, but there are different reflections possible too.

Because of the recession, a collective reflection right now is fear of shortages, fear of not having enough. If you really believe that in your core being, that’s what you radiate and will come back to you. During my divorce, I have been awake for a whole night, because I didn’t know whether I had enough money to live on, when I would to leave my husband. It’s a very negative, limiting energy. I had a bugetplan and a business plan. After that long night I decided to focus on my business plan. Of course is’t wise to know what’s coming in and what’s going out, but as little time as possible, as a budgetplan is dimishing energy. An antidote for fear is gratitude and asking the Universe what you really want. Every day in my meditation I express my gratitude for everything and everyone in my life and ask the Universe to help me with the goals I want to manifest. I also use incantations (affirmations said while moving and really feeling it) while I powerwalk to change the limiting beliefs I used to have about money. This is my favorite:

The Universe’s Wealth is circulating in my life in Circles of Essence, Energy, Love and Abundance

It’s Wealth flows to me in avalanches of Abundance

All my Needs, Desires and Goals are met instantaneously

All by infinite Intelligence

And I give thanks to all the Goods I have now

And for all the riches of the Universe

As I’m one with the Universe

And the Universe is everything

(I learnt this incantation from Anthony Robbins and edited for my personal use)

A short one which I also repeat every day is: Money is Energy and it flows to me.

Another reflection which I came across myself last summer is grounding. If you are not  grounded well enough, your company can’t have a strong foundation either and it’s more difficult to earn money. Sounds logical, right? Since I know this, I do a lot of grounding excercises like dancing, stamp your feet on the floor, ask Mother Earth to ground me even more and meditate with Boji stones.

How you really have to keep on asking to get a clear reflection, shows the story of one of my clients. She told me that she had a shortage of 1200 euro per year (885 dollar). She worked in the department of eye specialists in a hospital. A job in which she was really good and which she loved. A clarifying thing was that she told me that she felt that she was short sighted. She wanted to have more money in her life and really wanted to find her life mission, but … did not want to step out of her comfort zone. The moment I asked her whether her life mission could have something to do with looking further (using the key words of her job and her feeling short sighted), her knee gave way under her instantly.

Other clients I coached had limiting beliefs like: money is dirty or rich people are unethical.

I read a beatiful reflection on FB the other day, which really fits with this blog:

“Wealth will be created by distinguishing in time what you have to let go in order to create space for new wealth. We haven’t done this economically for a long time, so now we are looking at an obese society which is forced to loose weight in order to become healthy again”.

It’s good to be aware of your thoughts about money. Are they limiting or are they serving you? What you radiate, will come back to you.

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